Where we have been as a company
Being located in the mid-west, it is difficult to find a technology partner that has the enterprise experience that can be found on either the east or west coast.  Aside from hiring a global solutions provider, the availability of "field tested" technical expertice in an enterprise environment is tough to come by.

The Firstegg team is made up of seasoned consultants that have worked with and have been responsible for the design, development and implementation of complex solutions for companies such as JVC, EDS, Dow Chemical, California State Lottery, American Red Cross, Big O Tires, Lowes, Ingram Micro and many other notable companies. 

Because we have been "around the block", we have come to believe that there is more to life than living on an airplane or in a boardroom. We believe that there is more to business than your stock price or what the analysts think. We believe there is more to being successful than being 110% over your billing hour quota.

We do not believe in an "exit" strategy
We do believe that completely satisfied clients are the cornerstone of a successful and lasting business.

Firstegg is moving forward every day in small, measured steps, working in a collaborative manner with our clients; providing value and building trust.